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Are we a good fit?

1. Do you want to design your business so it serves you, rather than you serving your business?

2. Do you want someone to help organize the assets you built toward your life and family goals?

3. Do you want a separation of powers between who creates your plan and who executes the subsequent products and services?

4. Do you feel like you know how to make money, so you don't need someone to make money for you?

5. Do you want to maintain control of your assets while still retaining access to professional financial planning?

6. Is your business (instead of a financial portfolio) your main money maker? 

7. Do you see value in having a fellow entrepreneur help you navigate your financial future?

8. Do you like to place money into assets other than financial products?

9. Do you have more than one source of income? Does your income fluctuate?

10. Do you visualize a retirement with ongoing gigs?

11. Are you attracted to ventures that create a cycle of intense work followed by a pause before the next project?

12. Do you want the flexibility to adjust fees you pay for financial advice as your planning needs evolve?

13. Do you want to eliminate the conflict of interest that can derive from financial advice that is paid for by commissions or by a recurring fee as a percentage of your financial portfolio?

14. Do you seek more than financial statement data to include a program with ongoing one-on-one communication, mutual learning, and access to a network?

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