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Finance is one part of Raffi’s background, composing his life’s work with rich layers of endeavors all tied together by inquisitiveness and a desire to achieve a positive impact.


Prior to working in the financial industry and becoming a CFP® professional, Raffi worked in history & historic sites, advertising & media, and fundraising & philanthropy. He has earned multiple master’s degrees in diverse fields and worked in all sectors (i.e. government, nonprofit, corporate, and private). Like many entrepreneurs, he draws upon these various adventures for creativity, avoiding the rigidity often found in the finance industry’s conformity.

These experiences come together: research skills writing books, communication skills guiding visitors at historic sites, media skills broadcasting on television, marketing skills designing ad campaigns, and philanthropic skills working in charity. With continued involvement in leadership roles for community service, Raffi believes in the power of money to achieve good.

As Renaissance man and owner of two companies (see his side project), he can relate to you having ambitions in many life areas. He’s not just sharing your stock portfolio in the form of continuously deducted fees form your assets. Financial planning means more.

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