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You have many pieces in play. As a former classical violinist now a financial planner, Raffi founded this company for people like you, who value the need to orchestrate these instruments to fit together as do melody, rhythm, and harmony.

As an entrepreneur himself with multiple ventures, Raffi understands your situation better than money managers who are employees of firms in which they don’t have ownership. Your world involves taking risks (outside just the context of a stock portfolio), with potential income variations and business fluctuations. Business and personal are not entirely separate spheres.

With this in mind, the compass that orients our planning philosophy is creating optionality. This goes beyond looking at a menu today; it means building options into your future, preparation that allows you to pivot as your circumstances change.

Every dollar has a job to do. That’s why we help you plan purposefully. Each time you assign a dollar to a task, it comes at an opportunity cost. Let’s look beyond financial products to orchestrate your plan.

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