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When the spotlight comes on, we make it look natural, based on a lifetime of learning driven by Raffi’s intense curiosity.

We set the stage to provide you the confidence to make your choices. Raffi aims for the highest levels of professional qualification and fiduciary standards as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner. There is no single way to achieve financial success; each avenue has trade-offs that are important for you to identify and consider before making your decisions.

Beyond knowledge and resources, Raffi displays intellectual humility, recognizing that planning is preparation, not predicting. Things will change in a way that we cannot know in advance, so we do not build a plan dependent on a graph or a statistic having to work the way we guessed in order for your financial future to succeed.

We encourage flexibility – this includes how much you choose to engage with us and therefore how much you pay us, adjusting our fees based on the level to which you decide to utilize our services.

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